Why choose me as your photographer? You are investing your hard earned money, so it is my professional responsiblity and obligation to respect that with investments of my own for YOU: investments in years of experience and education and practice.

Portraits that have lasting appeal and meaning require more than just a good digital camera or natural light or Photoshop. They require an artistic eye, long experience of choosing between natural light, location lighting, and studio lighting, and the knowledge and gear to do any or all of them – even during the same session.

Whether is it natural light, on-location lighting, or studio light, my goal is to make portraits you will want to print large and put on your walls, will mean more to you with each passing year, and that will make others stop and look.

Please enjoy some examples of my work over these many years, and a few fun notes on how they were done :-)

On-Location Lighting: Getting ready for senior portraits of Katherine who was on her way to swimming at Purdue on scholarship – and also getting ready to get down into the pool with her to get the shots :-)

. . . and here is one of many shots we got . . .

. . . the eyes and reflection of an athlete and competitor.

Natural Light - and a carefully placed reflector - was so fitting and used for this senior portrait of Taylor.

On-Location Lighting - An enormous amount of strobe lights up Kevin from the front for this senior portrait and allowed me to shoot directly into the evening sun for a dramatic, high contrast portrait.

On-Location Lighting - High speed strobes capture the ball crush in this senior portrait of Connor.

On-Location Studio Lighting - Four carefully configured and placed strobes and lots of time preparing hair, props, and wardrobe went into this Father's Day Gift - a recreation of Norman Rockwell's "Girl at Mirror". Done in the family's basement.

Natural Light - sort of: Beautiful natural light is a best friend of any portrait photographer and what many want. But what is the photographer's experience and abilities when Mother Nature does not co-operate - especially in the best spot/location? Full-on bright sun broke in on us for this Fall portrait, and you can see it at the bottom right of the frame - but not on faces. Large panels called scrims were quickly set up to not only diffuse the light on the family, but to also keep them from looking uncomfortably into bright sunlight.

Blended Light - natural night AND on-location lighting: To residents of Geneva/Batavia/St. Charles, this location may look familiar. It's often used for portraits, but often just ends up looking like a dark shed. On this Fall day very bright window light was coming in, but not falling on Megan and there was too much of a difference between light and dark for the camera to capture this moment on its own. Two strobes were placed inside the boathouse. One bounced off the ceiling and back wall, and another places "rim" light on Megan to make her stand out from the back wall.

Natural Light and Candle Light: For this Christmas portrait the only light falling on the family is from the giant candles, so timing was critical to get the balance right with twilight. I will always remember how crazy cold it was, and those candles which were crazy-heavy :-) .

Studio Lighting - On Location: A five-minute portrait of Karina Villa done at her friend's home, and used on card mailers for her 2018 campaign.

Fireplace Light: . . . Actually, it's not from a fireplace but from a carefully configured strobe tucked behind the Christmas tree.

Natural Light outdoors combined with on-location and reflector lighting: Megan, November 2018.

On-Location Studio Light: Same day/session as the photo above, but indoors. Megan, November 2018.

On-Location (and Christmas Tree) Lighting: My own kids, and their Holiday portrait from 2017.

On-Location Lighting: An urban Fall portrait under a Chicago viaduct on a very cold, rainy day. Mariana glows from studio strobe light falling softly on her from the right.